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What is LED?

The LED is a technology that will become the standard in lighting due to the many benefits it has; soon, the majority of homes, shops and cities will be enlightened with this new technology.

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  • The BENEFITS of LED:

    • The LED lifetime is far superior to other lighting technologies. Purchase and replacement of lighting equipment is greatly reduced, thereby increasing the return on investment.
    • The LED has much higher energy efficiency than other lighting technologies, thereby reducing your power consumption costs.
    • The LED is impervious to shock.
    • The LED does not need ballast, which reduces purchasing costs and maintenance of your lighting system.
    • The impact on the environment due to the electricity consumption is reduced through greater energy efficiency.
    • The LED contains no mercury, the most toxic heavy metal in the world, unlike compact fluorescent lights.
    • The LED provides instant maximum illumination.
    • Switching on and off does not reduce the LED life.
    • The LED produces almost no heat; even turn on a light can easily be handled.
    • The LED does not need additional energy to switch on.
    • The LED produces no or very little electromagnetic fields.
    • The LED emits no ultraviolet, unlike compact fluorescent lights.


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